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Oceans5 is an engineering and consultancy firm with a specialized focus on marine operations and sustainability. Our team members draw upon their expertise and best practices derived from years of experience in offshore construction. Our core business areas encompass Power, Aquaculture, and Marine Operations.


Fish Farming and New Sea Resources

In Norway, the aquaculture sector has historically been closely associated with traditional fisheries and fjord-based floating fish farms. However, as the aquaculture industry undergoes a remarkable transformation, it is giving rise to new technologies and unique technological challenges. This evolution is marked by a significant shift, with traditional fish farms moving towards offshore and land-based locations, while innovative breeding techniques are also gaining prominence.

Oceans5 is firmly committed to engaging in this evolving industry. We specialize in providing comprehensive services that encompass design, thorough analysis, expert installations, and innovative product development.

Fish Farming and New Sea ResourcesFish Farming and New Sea Resources