oceans5 is an engineering and consultancy firm focusing on sustainable marine operations and marine environment. Our employees  leverage on detailed knowledge of best practices and lessons learned from decades in the construction and oil and gas industries.

We have a strong sustainability focus and excel on our diversified experience in the new marine industries emerging on the back of the downscale of oil and gas. Our business areas include electrification/power, aqua culture and marine operations.


Redefining the Way 
We Plan and Execute projects

Many of the ongoing projects within renewable energy, construction, electrification, aquaculture and marine operations lack a whole-hearted approach to sustainability. Alongside with safety  for personnel and environment, we think sustainability every step of the way - from the ITT to commissioning.

Construction Site

Key Personnel

Ivar-Andreas Monefeldt


Diversified experience from marine operations and management. Started his career as an analysis engineer specializing in subsea operations, gradually shifting to operations and project engineering to management.  A curious and solutions seeking manager, constantly looking for new business opportunities and challenges. 

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Project execution and management

Thomas Dessen Nielsen

Principal Engineer

Thomas’ extensive experience ranges from marine and aquaculture management to detail engineering and lean fabrication.

He is now focusing on wind farm developments and power cable construction.

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Peter-Emil Johannessen

Principal Engineer

With a background from dynamic analysis and naval architecture, Peter-Emil has extended into renewables and marine management. He is well acquainted with tasks from detail engineering to engineering management. Peter-Emil is currently working on large cable installation projects.

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Project execution and management

Sigmund Vedvik

Principal Engineer

Through the last decade Sigmund has proven that his experience from the oil and gas sector is well suited for segments ranging from offshore wind farms and infrastructure to decommissioning. Sigmund can take on most roles from detail engineering to project management.  

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Morten Solum Mathiesen

Principal Engineer

​Morten has considerable experience from both marine and onshore engineering and operations, specializing in infrastructure and electrification. Ranging from detail engineering and project management to M&A and finance, Morten has been working in challenging projects for a decade and a half.

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